A collection of WWI soldier documents, letters and photos originally compiled by H. M. Calhoun has been donated to the Pendleton County Historical Society. Direct descendants wishing access to a copy of their ancestor's material may contact the Historical Society. It is our wish to one day have a complete list to honor the Pendleton County men who served and to have photos of soldiers that this collection currently does not contain. Please contact us if you know of a WWI Pendleton soldier who served and is not listed here or if you have documents or photos that you would be willing to share with the Pendleton County Historical Society collection. We currently have items for soldiers noted (*) below.

Adamson, Fred R.*
Alt, Alvin*
Alt, C. Austin*
Alt, Enoch F.*
Alt, Walter S.*
Arbaugh, Gordon*
Arbogast, Denver*
Arbogast, Dixie
Arbogast, Leonard*
Armstrong, Berlin L.*
Ayers, Jerry S.*
Bell, Guy*
Bennett, Clem*
Bennett, Clinton M.*
Bennett, Daily*
Bennett, Grant T.*
Bennett, Jacob M.*
Bennett, Jesse H.*
Bennett, Opie*
Bible, George W.*
Black, Dewitt*
Black, Hendron*
Black, Ira D.*
Black, Walter*
Bland, Arlie
Bland, Byron S.*
Bland, Dewitt*
Bland, Frank L.*
Bland, Fred
Bland, Robert*
Bodkin, Martin E.*
Bodkin, Roy K.
Boggs, Lester*
Bolton, James F.*
Borrer, Willard H.
Bowers, John B.*
Bowman, Thomas J.*
Branner, George M.*
Calhoun, Brooks F.*
Calhoun, Camden H.*
Calhoun, Charles*
Calhoun, Charlie*
Calhoun, Ford*
Champ, Robert Lee
Coffman, Lester I.*
Cook, Frank*
Cook, John A.*
Cook, Luther L.*
Cox, S. Calvin*
Crigler, Guy*
Dahmer, Arthur B.*
Dahmer, Fred R.
Dahmer, John.
Dahmer, John E.*
Daugherty, James H.*
Davis, Julius A.*
Davis, Otho H.*
Day, Fred*
Dean, Edward B.
Dean, Samuel W.*
Dice, Luther G.*
Dice, Russell W.*
Dice, William H.
Dickenson, Albert F.*
Dickenson, Clinton*
Dickenson, Preston*
Dickenson, Roy H.*
Dolly, Edgar W.*
Dolly, Fred
Dolly, Olie C.*
Douglas, Mervin C.*
Dove, J. Dayton*
Dyer, Dolan D.*
Dyer, E. Foster*
Dyer, Fred R.*
Dyer, Vernon L.*
Dyer, Willie R.*
Eckard, Charlie*
Eckard, Ephraim*
Eckard, Job*
Eckard, Walter
Evick, Grover C.*
Evick, Wm. Fred*
Eye, Fred W.*
Eye, H. Berlin*
Eye, Robert A.*
Eye, Romer F.*
Eye, William W.*
Fleisher, Roy*
Fultz, Frank A.*
Fultz, Walter*
George, Harry*
Graham, William P.*
Grogg, Samuel F.*
Guyer, Grover C.*
Hammer, John*
Hammer, Lester*
Harman, Denver R.*
Harman, Loy E.*
Harman, Raymond L.*
Harman, William O.*
Harold, John M.*
Harper, Burrell F.*
Harper, Charles D.
Harper, Charles F.*
Harper, George E.
Harper, Hoy C.*
Harper, James Wm.*
Harper, John*
Harper, Kenna A.
Harper, Marvin*
Harper, Roy W.*
Harper, Russell*
Harper, S. Miles
Harper, Wilbur F.*
Hartman, Alston T.*
Hartman, Henry E.*
Hartman, Jesse P.
Hartman, Olin D.*
Hedrick, Elmer C.*
Hedrick, Frank E.
Hedrick, I. Roy*
Hedrick, Jason
Hedrick, John M.*
Hedrick, Neal A.*
Hedrick, Oley F.*
Hedrick, Oscar O.*
Hedrick, R. Hugh*
Hedrick, Ulysses A.*
Hedrick, William
Hevener, Asa
Hinkle, Edward J.*
Hinkle, Virgil*
Holloway, John M.
Homan, Virgil R.
Homan, Walter S.
Hoover, Albert
Hoover, Alston I.*
Hoover, Ernest C.*
Hoover, Harry E.*
Hoover, Henry Albert*
Hoover, Homer F.
Hoover, Joseph*
Hoover, Lester C.*
Hoover, Norval
Hoover, Oliver*
Hoover, Ona R.
Hoover, Timothy
Hoover, Virgil L.*
Hoover, William F.
Hoover, William W.
Hopkins, John J.
Hopkins, Lester H.*
Hopkins, William B.
Huffman, Garnett*
Huffman, Robert M.*
Johnson, Edwin S.*
Johnston, Mortimer*
Judy, Austin L.*
Judy, Bert*
Judy, James E.*
Judy, Kenny C.*
Judy, Omer C.*
Judy, Stelman W.*
Judy, Willie D.
Justice, Frank*
Keister, Jesse M.
Kesner, Robert G.
Kile, G. Arthur*
Kile, Isaac G.*
Kimble, Abraham E.*
Kimble, Albert E.*
Kimble, Charlie
Kimble, Ernest C.
Kimble, Howard J.
Kimble, Lee H.*
Kimble, Nolen*
Kisamore, Garry*
Kisamore, James M.*
Kisamore, Joel*
Kisamore, Oley*
Kisamore, Riley*
Kiser, Early E.*
Kiser, Harvey
Kline, Charles A.*
Kuykendall, James E.*
Kuykendall, William W.*
Lambert, Don*
Lambert, Henry*
Lambert, Jennings B.*
Lambert, Luther H.*
Lambert, Mason V.*
Lambert, William O.
Landes, Lester*
Landis, Nick*
Lantz, Gabe
Lantz, Pearl*
Lindsay, Charles
Lough, John D.*
Mallow, Otho A.*
Mauzy, Arlie J.*
Mauzy, Don*
Mauzy, Frank*
Mauzy, Luther*
May, Charles*
May, Lester Philip*
McAvoy, Austin*
Meadows, Charles C.*
Meadows, David W.*
Mitchell, Albert I.
Mitchell, Arlie B.*
Mitchell, Baxter*
Mitchell, Bennie H.*
Mitchell, Harvey B.*
Mitchell, Jacob H.*
Mitchell, Jacob W.
Mitchell, James W.*
Mitchell, Joseph L.*
Mitchell, Leon L.*
Mitchell, Morgan G.*
Moats, Charles
Moats, Ira*
Moats, Jarrett
Moats, Jesse*
Moats, Ora
Mongold, Byron M.
Moore, Charles L.*
Morral, Algie
Morral, Irving*
Morrall, Olie
Mowery, Chester C.*
Mowery, Jesse J.*
Mowery, Oliver C.*
Moyers, George S.*
Moyers, Grover C.*
Moyers, Howard*
Moyers, James H.*
Moyers, James M.*
Moyers, Lester D.*
Moyers, Martin L.*
Moyers, Pinckney*
Moyers, Roy R.*
Moyers, Zellie B.*
Moyers, Zellie L.*
Mullenax, Edward J.*
Mullenax, Fred*
Mullenax, Marvin D.*
Mullenax, Vivian L.*
Murphy, Grover C.*
Nelson, Garnett O.
Nelson, Herman W.*
Nelson, Zelle V.*
Nesselrodt, George W.*
Nesselrodt, Isaac D.*
Nesselrodt, J. Floyd*
Nesselrodt, John F.*
Nesselrodt, Jos. A.*
Nesselrodt, Robert C.*
Nicholas, Grover C.*
Painter, Charles O.*
Painter, Jacob E.*
Painter, Walter*
Payne, Charley M.*
Payne, Wm. Cecil*
Pennington, Ora J.*
Pennybacker, Courtney*
Phares, Eddie B.*
Pitsenbarger, George D.*
Pitsenbarger, James L.*
Pitsenbarger, Jesse A.*
Pope, Forrest*
Propst, Daniel M.*
Propst, David M.
Propst, Ervin
Propst, Fred M.*
Propst, Ivan*
Propst, L. Arthur*
Propst, Martin*
Propst, Milton A.*
Propst, Ona B.*
Propst, Pearlie M.*
Propst, Robert
Propst, Robert C.
Puffenbarger, Henry*
Puffenbarger, Jessie L.*
Puffenbarger, Pearlie E.*
Rader, Clement W.
Raines, Brinton*
Raines, Henry C.*
Raines, Lester*
Raines, Ralph*
Rexrode, Andrew J.
Rexrode, Arthur M.*
Rexrode, Emery C.*
Rexrode, George H.*
Rexrode, Minor C.*
Rexrode, Noah M.*
Rexrode, Pearl A.*
Rexrode, William Harvey*
Riggleman, Adam*
Riggleman, Arlie*
Rowland, William*
Roy, Olie*
Ruddle, Roy C.*
Ruddle, Whitney H.*
Seymour, Otto W.*
Shrader, Floyd*
Shreve, Homer*
Shreve, J. Byron*
Simmons, Ammon*
Simmons, Arlie B.*
Simmons, Calvin*
Simmons, David Loy*
Simmons, Dice*
Simmons, Emery F.*
Simmons, Ernie L.*
Simmons, Fred M.*
Simmons, Glen*
Simmons, Guy*
Simmons, Harry G.*
Simmons, Lerty
Simmons, Lester C.*
Simmons, Luther E.*
Simmons, Myron W.
Simmons, Olin*
Simmons, Perry
Simmons, Price
Simmons, Samuel H.*
Simmons, Samuel T.
Simmons, Solomon
Simmons, William L.*
Simpson, Ernest L.*
Simpson, Walter G.*
Sinnett, Charles A.*
Sinnett, David C.
Sinnett, Harvey*
Sinnett, William H.*
Sites, Cletus*
Sites, Curtis*
Sites, Johnson*
Sites, Lester B.*
Sites, Ola
Sites, Olie M.*
Skidmore, James W.*
Skiles, Byron*
Skiles, Carl M.*
Smith, Arlie C.*
Smith, Charles E.*
Smith, Joseph T.*
Smith, Olie*
Smith, William J.*
Stewart, Clarence*
Teter, Admiral D.*
Teter, Dewey B.*
Teter, Dice B.*
Teter, French D.*
Teter, Herbert E.*
Teter, John Lee*
Teter, Kirk P.*
Teter, Leland B.*
Teter, Mitchell
Teter, Zola*
Thompson, Albert*
Thompson, Frank*
Thompson, Fred*
Thompson, Jason*
Thompson, Lester*
Thompson, Sam*
Trumbo, Grover C.*
Trumbo, Jas. Elmer*
Trumbo, Jas. Herman*
Turner, Dick
Vance, Adam*
Vance, Clarence*
Vance, Isaac
Vance, Isom*
Vance, Omar*
Vance, Ora*
Vance, Oscar
Vance, Ralph*
Vandevander, Ellis*
Vandevander, Foster*
Vandevander, Fred J.*
Vandevander, John K.*
Vandevander, Lon W.*
Varner, John L.*
Vint, Moses L.*
Waggy, Edward*
Waggy, Harvey F.*
Walker, Oliver G.
Warner, Charlie A.*
Warner, Ezra T.*
Warner, George E.*
Warner, Leonard
Warner, Roy*
Warner, Sewell J.*
Warner, Walter L.*
Warner, Wm. Bryan*
Warner, Wm. Glenn
Warner, Zola D.*
Waybright, Clearence*
Waybright, Thaddeus*
Wilfong, Campbell*
Wilfong, Charles*
Wilfong, John B.*
Wilfong, Lester*
Wilfong, Philip*
Willis, Emory
Weimer, Orin A.*
Wimer, Adam L.*
Wimer, Cam*
Wimer, Leon J.*
Wimer, Pinckney B.*
Wimer, Russell F.*
Wimer, William H.*
Wyant, Ora*

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